A dedicated private server, as opposed to a shared hosting service, is basically an entire web server that is leased by a single client. This gives the client full control over all aspects of Internet hosting, since they are the only ones using the server and therefore can control all hardware and software configurations to meet their needs. Dedicated private servers are usually rented out to large businesses due to relatively high costs but they usually work out to be more economical if server use is maximized. They also allow the client to handle large amounts of web traffic more efficiently.

One huge advantage of using a dedicated private server is that it allows for the creation of several domains. This means that businesses with several divisions or multiple franchises will be able to run all their websites on the same server. That way, all the websites under the same parent company will not need to rent out their own server space from different providers each of which might have very different configurations. This will ensure uniformity amongst the different websites which will help the company to appear more professional. It also simplifies the administrative process and support services for the different domains since everything is in one place.

Another advantage is that dedicated private servers offer an added dimension of stability to Internet hosting. Since the client has, more or less, complete control over the server, they can ensure that all risky online activities are kept to a minimum. This is not possible with shared servers since the client has no control over the activities of the other users which might affect the performance the client’s own website. A dedicated private server also allows for enhanced security since all data stored within the server is only accessible to the client and is not vulnerable to other server users.

One concern that many may have over whether to commit to a dedicated private server is that they may not require all the space offered on the server. In order to retain the customizability, speed and stability of dedicated servers without wasting extra server space, it is possible to rent out the extra space to other users in order to generate extra income. This might not be as secure as if the client used the entire server, but it is a compromise that is worth considering if shared servers simply cannot meet all of your demands.

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